September 7, 2009

“Mike, I’m not sure if the deck can hold that many people, it might collapse” -mom

Wow, It was kind of scary to see so many people at my house.  It’s not very big and it’s definitely not suited for too many people.  When I checked the amount of people attending the day before my party on facebook, it only said 22 people confirmed I (although like 30 maybe’s) so I didn’t think too much about my house being filled.  Then when I got back from the Pocono’s the next day after a mini-retreat with the youth group and saw that there were then 45 people confirmed I was kind of shocked, but didn’t think too much about that number (just hoping there would be enough food).

Then Newman was the first person to come (and the only person who came kind of “on-time” according to the event).  Since it was just us, we went to do some quick errands and played call of duty to pass time.  Then Theo and Cecilia came.  Then Edwin.  Then Ed.  Then it just all of a sudden somehow multiplied until before I knew it, my house was packed.   The entire street was filled with cars and my deck was full of hungry people for food and my mom began to worry.  Thankfully, the deck held up and didn’t collapse on everyone and there was enough food.  We played ping-pong, smash brothers, watched movies, watched Christabella run around, ate cake, and caught up with one another.

So I’m not saying all of this to just prove how “popular” I may be.  God and I know how that’s not true.  I just wanted to share with you how happy I was that day to see so many friends before I leave.  I am so fortunate to have had the privilege to have all of your friendships.  When I think about grace, to have something I don’t deserve, one of the top things that comes to my mind are my family and friends.  I do so many dumb and annoying things that even I get so frustrated with myself.  And yet so many people came out to my party.  And it meant so much to me.


– mike


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