September 10, 2009

So just a little quick update.  I will most likely not be leaving for Tokyo on my original departure date this Friday.  I just received an e-mail that my certificate of eligibility to get my visa has been delayed.  They only just received it on Wednesday morning (apparently the rest of my team already has it except for me and one other person) and are express mailing it to me.  However, once I receive it I still have to go to the Japanese consulate in NY and beg them to give me my visa the same day.  So unless I get my COE by today AND if the consulate gives me my visa the same day…it looks like i’m not flying out on Friday.  So my departure date has been pushed back to probably Monday.  Sigh.

On a different (but similar) note, I’ve always prided myself in living a relatively stress-free life.  I tend to make light of most situations (even ones that probably shouldn’t).  One of the themes of my life is “carpe diem”, meaning to “seize the day”.  Because of this I’ve also prided myself in having lush black hair.  However, come senior year and all the stresses of trying to graduate that year (taking 7 classes in a semester) I discover my first white hair.  Believing it was just an isolated incident, I just shrugged it off.  However I looked in the mirror today and there it was.  Another white hair.  At first I thought it was just a glare in the mirror, however after I looked at different angles, it was still there.  These past couple months has been pretty stressful on me.  Having to raise support for a year and the thought of leaving my family and friends has finally taken it’s toll.  I just wonder how long it’s going to take before I look like my dad.

back in the day dad

My dad wayyyy back...notice it was relatively all black (even though it's a B&W photo)

dad now

My dad now

Oh, and on a side note: Congratulations Jeter!!! Man… I could’ve been at that game too…


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