one man’s junk…

September 18, 2009

A couple days ago I decided to clean up my room.  This is a big deal.  My room is normally pretty messy, but I wanted to leave it at least bearable for my parents while I’m gone.  I also cleaned up my desk.  And if any of you have seen my desk, it is one huge mess (especially the top of my desk).  However, to me, my desk is full of little gems of nostalgia.  On the back of my desk are pictures of me from way back when, ranging from playing hockey on the all star team with my cousin as a wee lad, to me in middle school trying to do “blue steel” from Zoolander with my friends that I grew up with.  But the real treasures are reserved for the top of my desk.  Now THAT is messy.  When I tried to clean/rearrange the items up there, I kept sneezing from all the dust that has settled from the many years they’ve sat there.  However, when I was rearranging them I couldn’t help but think of all the fond memories they bring back.  I have my birthday cards that I’ve received since middle school.  I still have my bracelet from senior year post prom (and the can of the first energy drink that I had to consume to stay awake when I drove back home afterwards).  Looking at my bowling trophies brings back my memories of my bowling club team “wumbo”, whom I did with my two childhood friends for three years.  I also have TONS of spongebob toys.  And I’m going to stop there, because if I was to categorize everything it would take me forever.  Whenever people come over, some of the reactions I get are “YOU STILL HAVE THAT??”  But the reason why I keep them is because I cherish all those memories so deeply in my heart and I want to save something from that time just as a little keepsake.

I also can not believe that I’ll be leaving (God willing) this Saturday to Japan.  I already wrote a bunch about that in my prayer/update newsletter e-mail so I’m not going to repeat that here.  I wrote in that e-mail about how I write about pointless and random things, so here I am fulfilling that promise.  If you didn’t receive it and you would wish to join my newsletter, just e-mail me and I’ll be more than happy to add you.

Some of the packing that I've done so far...

Some of the packing that I've done so far...

a glimpse of my desk

a glimpse of my desk

Oh and happy birthday to my uncle Tony and cousin Ashley. And congratulations to my Uncle Tony (again) and my Aunt Liza for their 30 year anniversary!! =)


3 Responses to “one man’s junk…”

  1. vivian said

    haha, mikechan you’ll be leaving soon (hopefully!!!)
    just so you know, i love that you are such a sentimental guy haha. i’m like you — i keep everything. they’re just all stored away in boxes for me to to sift through 🙂

    praying for safe travels!! 😀

  2. lovchayil said

    i think i see the wine bag! maybee. good luck, mike :]


  3. melissa said

    >:O I feel left out…everybody else in my family got a shout out but me. Anyway, I hope you had a fun birthday and had lots of yummy fatty beef to eat. 😀

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