What’s your job?

December 27, 2009

Today just started as an average day.  I left my apartment a little early so I can take a stroll around the park before going to the church service at 4:30.  I went to service then helped the church with their end of the year cleaning.  At the end they had a gyoza (japanese dumplings) dinner as a thanks for the help.  Sounds normal, but what happened during all this was absolutely awesome.

There was a new guy at the church, Sho.  He introduced himself as a professional guitar player.  He also lived in the same city as me.  So afterwards I went to him and introduced myself to him.  I asked him what exactly he did as a living.  “I play guitar for some famous people” he said in rough english.  “Oh, like who?” I interestedly asked.  “Oh, ummm…for Exile, and, um, do you know BoA?”  When he said that my heart stopped.

I tried to play it cool.  I asked him to tell me more about Boa.  He was the guitarist for her next album “Identity”.  He also had a copy of some of the songs on her album on his ipod shuffle, though not all of them are complete.  He asked me if I wanted to hear it, to which I calmly agreed to.  However, with an ipod shuffle, he had to skip through a couple dozens songs before he could actually pull up her song.  I patiently waited.  When he finally got it, I eagerly took the headphones and listened to a song that won’t be out for over another month.

He told me that he didn’t like the administrative people around Boa, but that Boa herself was a pretty cool person. He told me about how he got into the music industry and how stressful the it is and how what used to be his hobby is now becoming a job.  Pulling out his cell phone I saw pictures of him with some of the artists he recorded with; some of them I’ve heard of, some not.  After talking for a while about music and Japan, we exchanged cell phone numbers.

Since we lived so close to each other, we rode our bikes together back home. During our bike ride back, I shared with him briefly how I became a Christian and what I was doing in Japan.  He told me that he himself was a pastor’s kid and has been a Christian his entire life, though he hasn’t been able to go to church recently because of his hectic schedule.  When we arrived at my place, he thanked me for talking with him and helping him with his english.  And even though he’s going to be really busy with Boa’s next album coming out, he told me that he really wanted to meet up again.




December 23, 2009

Okay, seriously.  Can you believe I was pulled over AGAIN!  At the SAME spot too.  This time, after I communicated I did not know any Japanese he called for reinforcements.  About 30 seconds later another cop came with shaky english asking for my registration.  I’m not sure what happened this time, I fixed my bike…kinda.  I seriously think it was because he thought I stole a girls bike because i’m pretty sure he remarked about my brightly orange bike.  sigh.  this just isn’t my week.

Apparently the blue string bow just doesn't cut it.


December 22, 2009

So I want to apologize for not updating in this as often as I would like.  I’m surprised to see on the statistics that people still visit this site even though I haven’t even looked at my blog in over 2 months.  It’s not like nothing crazy has been happening, rather the contrary…

Today while riding my bike I got pulled over by a cop.  He spoke to me in Japanese for about 30 seconds without a break until I awkwardly interrupted him saying “sorry I don’t speak any Japanese”.  He then continued to speak in Japanese, but this time with hand gestures.  I put two and two together and figured he was asking me for my license and registration.   I took out my ID and my bike registration and handed it to him.  After he spoke more Japanese, he pointed at what the problem was:

the reason why the cop pulled me over...broken basket

So apparently it’s illegal to ride your bike with a broken basket.  It’s also illegal to:

  • ride while on the cell phone
  • ride while intoxicated
  • ride while holding an umbrella
  • ride with someone sitting on the back
  • ride at night without your lights on

Fines are 20,000 yen and up ($220).  Luckily, since I was a gaijin (foreigner in Japanese), he let it slide.  I was the first person on my team to get pulled over by a cop.  Today was just not a good day.

and yes, that is my bright orange bike.  it’s easier to find in a sea of bikes (just a little).