Hamburga vs. Hamburgu

January 24, 2010

In Japan, there are two ways to get your hamburger.  It’s either “hamburga” or “hamburgu”.  They are totally different.  A hamburga is your typical run of the mill hamburger, like the one you would get at mcdonalds.  A hamburgu is like a normal hamburger, minus the buns, vegetables, and condiment.  Which leaves you with…a burger steak.

So why do I bring this up?  Well, hamburgu’s are fairly common in Japan which makes it difficult to get a real good ol’ greasy American burger, probably because they eat so darn healthy here.  So AJ and I invited two students over to our apartment for dinner and to talk about God and stuff.  But let’s focus on the dinner part, more specifically the preparations.

If you know me, I’m a really bad cook.  However, I’ve been trying to learn how to cook since it’s so expensive to eat out all the time in Tokyo.  I wanted to be a little ambitious and make a good ol’ fashion American burger for my friends.  I looked up a good recipe for a burger and got everything prepared.  After everything was ready, I proceeded to heat up the frying pan to get the oil nice and hot.  Then I did something stupid…really stupid.

So remember when I said I’m a really bad cook?  Well, I just typically think of what a good chef would do (probably thinking of Emeril) and I thought it would be really cool and dramatic (like on TV) if I just slapped the raw beef patty into the frying pan (while saying “BAM!”).  And I did.  And the boiling hot oil splashed everywhere, especially my left arm.  The oil did quite a number to my arm, I mean com’mon, it was hot enough to melt my carpet.

The scar doesn't even look cool. Can't say I fought a bear or slayed a dragon.

So lesson learned.  Watching TV promotes violence.


5 Responses to “Hamburga vs. Hamburgu”

  1. Super Noodles said

    Oh man, that looks painful! I hope it heals up better

  2. andrew said

    that has nothing to do with being a bad cook. just being dumb.

  3. jon rey said

    “ker splat” says the hot oil pan

  4. the-o said

    im just wondering where my phone call is. Thats all.

  5. katie said

    Aww. I am sorry to see you hurt. Don’t give up cooking, you will get better. Love you blog. God bless your servant heart.

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