April 14, 2010

So some of you might know that I’ve joined a baseball team at the University I go to in an attempt to make friends.  Before I share with you about my first baseball game, let me rewind a little bit.

I don’t really play much baseball.  I just got into it quite recently.  I played a couple games for fun, but I’ve never played seriously.  My senior year in college I started a softball team where we were creamed (albeit the games were REALLY fun) each game.  Our first game we were mercy ruled in the 4th inning, losing 0-18.  Okay, so now back to Japan.

I joined a REALLY casual team.  They really just want to enjoy baseball, as do I.  When I joined their team, they told me their motto was “Let’s Enjoy Baseball!”.   They are a VERY relaxed team and don’t really practice much.  On the several weeks before our first game (the time we were supposed to practice) we had picnics and nights out together.  On our one and only scheduled practice before our first game, we decided to just rent out a gym and play basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball… essentially everything BUT baseball.  As a someone side-result of their recreational behavior is that they are the last in their league.  But hey, that’s good for me, I’m used to that anyways.

Since there weren’t many practices, I’ve been going to the batting cages.  There are tons and tons of them all over Tokyo due to the popularity of the sport.  I set the speed to around 75 km/h (approximately 45 mph).  I knew the pitchers were going to throw faster than that (not too much faster I thought), but I hit the balls pretty well, so I was pretty confident coming into the game.  Unfortunately, we were playing against one of the top teams, with the best pitcher in the league.  I was to play left field and was batting 8th in the lineup.  From left field and from the stands, the pitches didn’t seem that fast.  Then I was up.

I just let the first pitch go right passed me just to test out his pitches.  Strike one.  The next one I stared at again…in unbelief of the speed.  Strike two.  Then my teammates kept saying “SWING SWING SWING!!!” and I swung…really really late.  Strike three, out.

So yeah, apparently his pitches are at 120 km/h (approximately 75 mph) and up.  I went 0 for 4 that day.  My fielding was a little better, didn’t make any errors and caught the fly balls pretty well.  We still lost the game 1-6, but we ended the game all laughing and enjoying ourselves.

Next week we’ll be playing one of the other top teams.  Between our next game we have practice a bowling party.  Man I love my team.

1/2 of the baseball team at our picnic party under the cherry blossoms =)

By the way…I miss Matsui =(


2 Responses to “baseball…fail”

  1. Paul Ng said

    Hello Mike,
    I remember that team. I went 2-2 one game and then never played again. But I had fun. Lets do it again.
    Come home soon. Also, I like your blog, you should update more often.

    -Paul Ng

  2. Jerome said

    Is that you all the way on the right?

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