I’m going to need more cat posters

July 28, 2014

To be completely honest, I haven’t written about my Taiwan adventures because I’ve been trying to think of a really cool and witty title for my blog.  But I came up with nothing.  So, I’ve decided why fix what’s not broken and to go back to my blog that I started when I first left Amurica to go to Japan way back in 2009.  This way, if I get nostalgic, I can go back and read my old posts, realize how poor my writing was back then, and feel better that I’ve hopefully improved since then.

It’s been over three years since I’ve posted in this blog.  One thing I did notice about my old blog posts, was that I wrote WAY too much, which is probably why I’ve discouraged myself from writing more posts since it felt like such a huge investment in time.  But now I’ll keep them short and sweet.  This way, during my two year contract, I’ll hopefully write more than a dozen posts.

Today was my first day of orientation at school.  I got to learn a bit about the history and vision of Morrison Academy, which was nice.  Then we took a tour of the school, which has gotten me both pretty anxious and excited.  I found my office that’ll serve me for the next two years.  My first thought: these walls are really empty.  My second thought: I’m going to need more inspirational cat posters.



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